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Give your Classic Motorcycle a new life with our Restoration Service

As technicians, we have a zest to restore classic and vintage Motorcycles and give our customers the joy of riding their loved vehicle once again.

Being in the industry for such a long time, we have dealt with motorcycles of the past as well as the present era (and hence, we can guess about the future era), and therefore, we are capable of conducting partial and full restoration of a variety of bikes.

Whether it’s a motorcycle that your father bought 10 years ago or the one that you bought 2 years ago, if damaged parts, dented gas tank, or spoiled looks deter you from riding it with the pride as you used to do it earlier, we can perform essential tasks for restoring its functions and appearance.

  • Consider every minute detail to achieve perfection in our job.
  • Keep you informed at all stages and fulfill your expectations.
  • Give a free quote beforehand to all the customers.

We have a stock of used (second-hand) parts, which we examine carefully before purchasing so that our customers don’t face any kind of inconvenience. During the process, we dismantle some parts and components, but we refit them properly afterwards.

From seats and cables to the engine and frame, we work on every part, to provide a comprehensive service for Motorcycle Restoration in Melbourne.

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